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SVO Digest 08-12-97

Here ya go!

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I'm interested in getting my wheels chromed or polished.  Anyone ever had
this done and can give me references and/or prices.  


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Matt Jennings,

JBA American in San Diego has the bushings.  Someone had some less than
glowing comments about them lately but I've had no problems with them.

Their new number is 619-560-230


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Does anyone have any ideas about these problems as listed below.  Respond
offlist, please, to avoid non-Merkur related traffic.  Thanks.  Read Below:

>The engine sounds amazingly great (that little 2.3l thrums like a V8
Caterpillar diesel), but the release bearing in the clutch has gone bad and
managed to overshadow all the sweet base of the engine with its tenor
chirping. If you've ever been afflicted with this malady, let me first say,
" I'm truly sorry." and second, beg for some help. I don't really have the
knowledge or equipment to fix it myself. *****Is there a cheap, easy fix
for that problem that doesn't require removal of the transmission?*****
I've tried lubing the local points, but that only provided a temporary
(20-30 mile) cure.
>*******She also has a persistent knock in the front end that sounds like
she's chewing marbles every time I hit a bumpy section of the road. Three
mechanics have been unable to find anything. Got any ideas?******


OK fellahs...any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.  If
anyone has any ideas, please email me directly.  Thanks Again



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I'm trying to find a good way to test if my oil pump is functioning
properly.  The method I used to use on my old cars was as follows:

1) Remove the center plug on the distributor cap.  
2) Crank the engine and watch the oil pressure go up.

Well I tried this on my Thunderbird TurboCoupe, and it didn't work.  Does
this mean my oil pump is going weak, or am I doing this incorrectly?

I used to use this method to prime the engine with oil after and oil change
as well.  It used to work well on all of my other cars, what am I doing
wrong?  Or...do I need a new oil pump, sender, etc?

Thanks for any information you can provide. 

PS. My oil pressure seems to come up just fine when the car is running.  

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