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Re: Hello


>        I know you want ot have a head done, let me know and we can get it
>        started but unfortunately I don't have any exhange cores to do just
>        now.

I have a head off of an '86 SVO motor with the A237 FMS cam already 
installed.  It has the adjustable timing sprocket and the roller 
followers.  It is currently sitting on the floor of my garage!!  I am 
ready to start the project now.  Let me know where to send the head 
and if you want all the valvetrain/cam stuff on the head.  I do have 
some time to wait on the head, but I would like to have it on the car 
by mid-August.  If you could also give me an approximate cost that 
would help also.  Thanks.

I know you are as busy as I am and appreciate your help!


       I will call Jeffrey (the iron artist) today and let him know and get
       a final cost.  I have seen extremely poor results with the FMS
       roller grind in these turbo engines - the roller concpet is a good
       idea, but the lobe pattern is not good.  I recommend the Crane
       CCH-270 or the Engle ???-55 that was offered as a group thing on the
       SVO List.

       What valves to you want installed?  What condition/size is/are the
       ports on the exhaust manifold?  Do you want thin-wall guides
       installed?  Hardened exhaust seats (only needed if larger exhaust
       valves are used)?

       It is best to have the valves, cam, lash adjusters and followers for
       setting the valve stem length and rocker arm height.

       I will get Jeff's address (that will save me waiting for the box and
       then taking it across town to him) and post it to you.

       -Mike Fleming