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Re: Test & Tune

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> >Oh yeah, speaking of UW, when I was there from 91-95 we'd come
> >down to Ft. Collins sometimes for the weekend cruising.
> Sounds like you are the same age as my, 25 or so.  The only thing I know
> about UW is that except for last year, we used to kick the Cowboys butt in
> Football!!

Yeah, yeah...fortunately for me, I never cared much about such things ;-).
I went to two football games the whole time I was there because I had to,
it was military day and I was in the National Guard.  Speaking of which,
there's a reason I'm not 25 or so.  I did the army for three years
before I went to UW, so I'm 29 right now.  I bought the SVO in 87 with
14000 miles on it when I was in the army.

> I am looking for a Turbo Coupe Intercooler for the upgrade also.  They are
> slightly better than stock, plus a lot cheaper used!!

I'm thinking about doing that, too, as a temporary measure.  I guess they
don't really cool any better, but they don't restrict the flow as much,
so your turbo can run more efficiently.

Another thing I forgot to tell you, my A/C is gone.  Last night the
car weighed 3270 with me and a full tank of gas.  Anyway, eventually
I'll probably go to the all-out Esslinger setup that replaces the