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SVO Digest - Mailing List Guidelines


You have been subscribed to the "SVO Mailing List".  
Primarily made up of 84-86 Mustang SVO owners, we welcome lurkers with
turbo 2.3 engines, 
or those interested in becoming SVO owners.  
Quite possibly, we may fragment, into several, specific carline lists, but
that's for the future. 

DAN, Wake up! the TBird list s*cks!

How it works:

You get mail from me.  
If it has "SVO Digest" in the title, it is the "List".  This is a mass
mailing to everybody on the list.  
You read it and want to reply.  Hit "Reply", it will go to ALL the SVO
If you want to reply to just one person, eg.. "I wanna buy your parts", 
then insert the person's email address in the TO: box.  
Do not send stuff like this to the list.

When I get a message with "SVO List", in the subj line it goes to the list.

If not, I assume it's for me.  Most replies to the questions posed in the
are being carried on the list.  This is good if most everybody else is
interested or it's new info.  
If it's old stuff, most of your replies will be direct from other

I send it out once a day.  Occassionally, I will send an additional message
for late breaking, 
important news.

I read every message before it leaves.  I reserve the right to edit
(difficult), or not send your 
message at all (easy).

Reasons that your message might not be sent;

You're not saying anything.... Me too messages or whatever.
You're being REALLY rude.  I know some of this is gonna go on, and we're
all big people, 
	but when I've had enough, it's OVER.
You're late, we beat this subject to death last week.  In this case, I
usually reply off-line, 
	forwarding the important points that we came to.
I personally dislike you, and I have a grudge against you.  (not feeling
paranoid are you?)
I forget, and don't send the Digest that day.  I've completely forgotten,
only one day, 
	and I've even thrown in a couple of weekend ones for good measure. :)


DO NOT send the entire Digest back with a couple of lines added.  
Edit each of your messages to be readable on it's own.  
If you didn't like your English teacher, you ain't gonna like me :)

What this list is for:

Informal information, like;
How many of my color cars were built?
I beat a "*******" last night.
My car runs xx.xx in the qtr.
My car doesn't run.
I wanna sell my car, or parts.
Anybody wanna go to XXXXX and meet up to talk cars.
FINDING EVERY SVO EVERY MADE.  If you see one, get the VIN, location, etc.
	and forward it to the SVO Owners Assoc. Registry.

SVOs never had a mailing list, and I made one.  Merkurs, Tbirds, everybody
else had one, but us.
We now have 87 members, in a little under 3 months.  Thanks to those who
put a link to us on their web pages.  BTW, check these out, they're all
GOOD.  Just search the web on 2.3.

Please keep this message, maybe print it, and refer back to these
We have LOTS of new members and messages need to be streamlined to keep
this running smoothly.


Northern VA, USA
"Well, why do you *think* they call 'em bumpers?"