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Re: The 86 SVO

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> Wow have I been busy lately, sorry for neglecting you, just kidding.
> I am in the middle of my last class in order to graduate, Financial
> Accounting.  Do EE's have to take practical classes like this?...just
> kidding...I must be feeling waspee today.

We had plenty of assorted crap to take ;-).  I'm getting even more
of it now that I'm starting my MBA.  I took the GMAT Saturday.

> Well, my friend in Phoenix and I have made a deal pending the appearance of
> the car.  He is sending pictures overnight.  I will develop them and post
> on the internet for your opinion.  The car appears to be in great shape,
> doesn't smoke, decent paint, good cloth seats and polished wheels.

If it's in decent shape and doesn't smoke, and runs right, that's
all I know to look for.

> Here is the deal we made... I will trade my '89 5.0 plus any extra 5.0
> parts and my extra 10 hole wheels for... the '86 SVO Silver Metallic 1 of
> 222 in 86, and an extra set of SVO wheels/tires  (12 total now) plus any
> other small parts I pull from his yard.  I will pull as much SVO specific
> stuff from his other 3 wrecked SVO's as possible, let me know if there is
> something you need.  

All I'm really worried about right now is stock wheels, and an 86
computer.  If you have a chance at a good deal on some wheels/lug
nuts or a computer, feel free.  I also want to get a Tbird intercooler,
but you knew that ;-).

> In addition, I am selling him a second computer at
> cost and networking them together at his shop (he he, I will still make
> some money).

Wow, I can't believe you're actually gonna do it ;-).  Like I said, my
SVO is my first and only car, and I'm almost 30.  Buying and selling
cars frequently would be a strange thing for me.

> My father and I will trailer my 5.0 down to Phoenix on Friday, June 27 and
> retrn with the SVO on Sunday the 29th.  So, I will miss the Street legal
> drags on Saturday.  There is another SVO guy that wanted to go to that
> event.  His name is Kyle Sperry <ksperry@overlk.com> and currently lives in
> Denver.  He is the Chapter President for the Rocky Mountain SVOOA.  If you
> are going, give him a message and maybe you can meet up with him.

Hmm...I'll talk to him.  Thanks for letting me know...I might do 
something else that day, instead.  I don't really care that much
about competition.

> I have come to realize that this is a good deal even though I love my 5.0.
> It will be very hard to give up my 5.0, but I will enjoy the new SVO.  This
> brings me to the point having 2 SVO's.  One of them WILL become VERY fast.
> I am thinking that the wife's 85 is the car.  It will get the full
> head/intake/exhaust treatment done to the car plus big turbo, spearco, 8.8
> rear and everytinh else to put it over 300hp.  I will be destroying 5.0's,
> Corvettes and Firebirds by this time next year.
> Well enough of that, just keeping in touch.....  Chris

Cool, talk to you later...