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At 09:36 AM 6/30/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey buddy..  I was at the beer fest yesterday, but never saw you or
>Heather.  There were so many poeple I barely found anyone.  I just watched
>one band, drank a few beers, and ate pizza and crawfish.  

We got there about 1:30pm and stayed to about 4:30pm.  I thought the beer
thing was a rip off.  I paid $10 for 5 half beers.  Next time I will stay
home and go buy my own 12 pack of Micros.  We did see several people we
knew but it was crowded and hot.

>So was the trip
>to Phoenix ok?  I hope the SVO drove smooth for ya.  Will ya do me a
>favor?  See when your friend Mike (?) can put my gears in?  Like this week
>or weekend.  I have all day Friday off, but that is the 4th.  SO I doubt
>he will be free.  But lemme know!  I'll be home til about 3pm, then I
>might head to work..  Look for me if ya want, I'll be in the back as

The trip to Phoenix was fun but fast.  We got about 15 minutes away from
the Mustang Shop and I remembered that I did not load the gears into the
truck.  We turned around and picked them up.  Lucky for me I remembered
where I did and not in Flagstaff.

The car is in need of some TLC, but most of it is tuning and labor, not
money for parts.  I bought a set of 97 Mustang GT 16" (5 spoke)  wheels for
my SVO.  Plus I brought back some 94up 15" wheels for my sticky tires and
another set of Black Alum. wheels that were on a Mustang and 2 additional
SVO wheels  totalling 12 extra wheels in all!!

I will call DAN about the Gears today.  I will give him your name and let
you contact him about setting up an install time.  Dan can be reached at

I will be home tonight if you want to come over and pick up the gears and
check out the SVO.