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Well ya talked me into it.  I'll get the gears first.  I'll take ya up on 
that offer.  How do you want to do the exchange?  You buy all the stuff
like geras and seals, and I pay you back or do you want like $250 in cash 
before you leave?  I can swing either one...  Just lemme know.  The
cheapest price I have seen has been around $170, not including shipping.  
So for $200 including shipping is about the same.

I do have flowmaster mufflers on, but not the full exhaust setup.  They
were added onto the car before I bought it.  But it helps a little.
Sounds a lot better than stock.

Hey!!  I wanna see your coupe before you get rid of it.  My roomie might
be interested for $4000.  Thats pretty cheap for a car in the 13's.  When
would you have time to meet?  I can give you the money then.. If we
decide to go that route.

But I am going to sticjk with 3.73's..  I only drive highway down to
Longmont to see my parents..  Once in a great while to see Denver.  Mostly