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Reply from SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com


You have been subscribed to the 
"Mustang SVO Internet Mailing List".  

Primarily made up of 84-86 Mustang SVO owners,
we also welcome those interested in 
becoming SVO owners, or having relevant experience.

If you DON'T want to be subscribed,
send mail to DCompton@smartworx.com
asking to be unsubcribed to "SVO".

BTW, This is a Welcome message.  Don't reply to it to
post to the list.  Send listmail to;


+ How it works:
You will get mail from "SVO@SmartWorx.com".
These messages are from other list members.
This is a mass mailing to everybody
who subscribes to the list.  

You read a message and want to reply.  
You can one of two things;

 - Hit "Reply", it will go ONLY to the author of the 
message you are replying to. This is appropriate
for any kind of message that you DON'T want to go
to the entire list membership. 

 - Hit "Reply All", it will go to the author of the 
message you are replying to, AND also to
the entire list membership.

We have LOTS of members and list messages need to be 
composed properly to keep the list running smoothly, 
and the complaints from members down.

Please read and heed these guidelines.

+ List Server Guidleines:

   If you don't know how to edit, create a new message.
   Do not send the entire contents of a previous message
   back to the list with a couple of lines added.
   This is called a "me too!" message, and is messy and
   lazy.  And I will complain to you about it.  
   So, edit each of your messages, including ONLY enough 
   content from the previous post, for it to be a readable 
   post on it's own.  

-  Please, only post to the list, those messages that 
   everybody would be interesting in seeing,
   Not, "Hey, Fred, I wanna buy your parts for sale".

-  If a message asks a question that most of us have
   seen, and already hashed out a good answer to, 
   please reply, or forward the relevant previous posts,
   directly to the author.

-  Don't be REALLY rude.  I know some of this is gonna 
   go on, and we're all big people, but when I've had
   enough, it's OVER.

+ Distribution:
I have configured the list server to be "live".
If you send a message, it will go out in the next 5
minutes.  It can still take HOURS to get around, so
don't send it twice, if you don't see it show up

The server doesn't "forget".  
The message WILL go out.  

If the list becomes really messy with lots of messages
that don't follow the guidlines, or we get spammed 
or something, I can take the list to a locked down 
mode, immediately.  Then list messages can only 
come from me.  

Hopefully I won't have to do this.
It's a nuisance.

3 bounces and you're out.  

Unsubscribe, when you can't check your mail for a while,
to keep your mailbox from getting full, and bouncing 
list mail back to the listserver.

Keep your mailbox empty enough to be able to accept 
messages from the listserver.  If you're not gonna read
the list traffic, then you don't need to receive it.

Anticipate about 50K of traffic a day.

+ Digests
There is no digest mode built into the listserver.  
But, I will compose one if the interest is there.

If you want to receive this list in Digest mode,
you must un-subscribe from this list, and join 


+ What this list is for:

Informal information, like;
-  I beat a Chevy last night. :)
-  My car ran xx.xx in the qtr.
-  My car doesn't run. Help me fix it.
-  I wanna sell my car, or parts.
-  Anybody wanna go to XXXXX and meet up to talk cars.
-  How many of my color cars were built?

+ ListServer Actions:
If you need help, send mail to:
with "help" in the body of the message.

Please keep this message, hopefully print it, 
and refer back to these guidelines.  

Dave Compton
List Owner

                      * Spammers, beware: *
Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, Sec. 227,
any and all nonsolicited commercial E-mail sent to this address is
subject to a download and archival fee in the amount of $500 US, 
per incident.

E-mailing denotes acceptance of these terms.