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I was not aware of a Colorado chapter for the SVOOA.  What events do you
organize and when are they.  I am assuming you received my name from Gary
Morrell or Carl Morris.  If not, they are two more SVO owners in this region.

We (my wife and I) own an '85 Bright Red SVO.  We bought it last August and
have loved it even since.  It is my wife's daily driver.  The car is in
great condition and I have modified it in the following ways:
3" Exhaust (turbo to back bumper)
K&N Air filter
15psi of boost
Turbo Coupe Intercooler

My best time down the drag strip at Bandimere is a 15.3@89 ,but this was
traction limited.  We have also added '95 Mustang GT 17" wheels.  They are
chrome plated and look really good on the car.

Carl Morris and I will be at Bandimere on June 28 for the Street Legal
Drags.  It should be a fun time.

I own a 89 LX 5.0 X-Cop car.  The car has the GT-40 motor setup on it and
runs 13.8@99.  I am considering selling it (trading) for an 86 SVO.  This
86 SVO has 80K miles on it and is very clean.  I have not seen the car
because it is in Phoenix, but my friend that has it says it is really
clean.  I would sure like to have and 86 SVO over my 89 5.0.  From a value
standpoint, the SVO is worth a lot more than my 5.0.  SO, if I decide to
get this SVO, I  will go down on Friday afternoon to Phoenix and come back
with a another SVO!!

Chris Roth

At 10:29 AM 6/19/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I was given your name by a fellow SVO owner and I wanted to make
>contact.  I'm the Colorado Chapter Director for the SVO Owners
>Association.  There are a number of SVO owners along the front range
>and I'm trying to organize and network.
>I currently live in Denver but I'm moving to Colo Spgs at the end of 
>I have 3 SVOs, all '84s.
>One I'm trying to sell right now (also some parts), one is very rough
>and I debating on whether to part out or fix up.
>Just thought I'd make contact and I'd like to talk to you, either via 
>e-mail or by phone.
>Kyle Sperry
>H: (303) 758-3868