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Bandimere Street Legal Drags


Sorry for not returning your e-mail sooner... I am finishing up my college
degree in the summer and have been very busy. 

I will not be able to make the Strret event.  I have given Carl Morris
<morrisc@icemail.ib.stortek.com> your e-mail and hopefully you two can meet
up there.  My reason is simple,  I am driving down to Phoenix to get my
second SVO.  I will now have TWO SVOs, a 85 and a 86.  I am trading my 89
5.0 with 227,000 miles on it for the SVO.  If you go by blue book value, my
5.0 is worth $1825 and the SVO is worth $4850, but my 5.0 has the GT-40
motor setup and runs 13.8@99 at Bandimere.  The trade is straight across
plus some computer networking.  I am excited and if the pictures I get
tomorrow look good, then the deal is final!

Have fun and I hope we can all meet up at a later time.