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>	So did you end up going to RMMR in Steamboat?

 No,  my wife and I ended up doing other things in Fort Collins that
weekend.  I also did not realize the distance it is from Fort Collins.  I
assumed it was 2 hours from Ft. Collins but it is over 3 hours one way.

Well I will pick up the pictures of the 86 SVO from the developer at 4:30
pm.  I will have them posted on my web page soon after.  I will sent a
blanket e-mail to everyone to let them know the location of the pictures.
If you have web access after 5:30pm or so then go to my main web page and
Click on the SVO button on the left side.

I am already bringing back a set of gears for someone else here in Ft.
Collins.  Last chance for the free shipping train from Phoenix.