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Hey All !,
  I just drove my Turbo Coupe to Alabama over the weekend.Everything
worked great until the car decided to die on I-10.Come to find out the
Amp gauge in the car is finished.The problem was my Alternator wire
snapped in two because of being so old.After reconnecting the wires
temporarily to get home,I noticed that one of the wires that goes into
the plug for the alternator was hanging out.So therefore I knew that the
plug was no good also.Does Ford still supply these plugs,or will this be
something I will have to get at a junkyard(good luck)?I will try to set
the idle in the next couple of days again(Thanks Carl!!).I've done it
before,but that was before I had the hesitation problem.One of the codes
that came up on the computer was a code 99.This code states that there
is a  Electronic Pressure Control(EPC) circuit failure.I believe there
is a solenoid that is in place with this.Where, I don't know.It also
states that the EEC has not learned to control idle.BINGO!!.When the car
is sitting at idle it will sit there and break up sometimes.It usually
drops when studdering about 100 rpm's when it's doing it's
thing.Otherwise the car runs great above 2,000 rpm.Crazy huh?I
appreciate any info that has been offered.And by the way,did I mention I
just love this car ?