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Re: Colors of SVO's

Chask wrote:

> PS:  I keep seeing references to all these strangely colored SVOs here.  I
> have never seen original colors other than silver, white, black, red and
> green on an Avis rent-a-racer '85.  Though I know silver was available on
> '84s & '5s, I have never seen it on an '86.  How does this jive with your
> observations anybody?  

I was not aware of all the different colors availalbe on the SVO's at 
first but here they are direct from SVOOA.

1984 US SVOs (with number made)
Black					1388
Dark Charcoal Metallic	1022
Silver Metallic			864
Med.  Can Red Metallic	984

1985 and 85.5 US SVOs
Black					541
Silver Metallic			158
Med Can Red Metallic		232
Bright Red				290   <---one of my cars
Dark Sage				34
Oxford White			335
Med Charcoal Metallic		334

1986 US SVOs
Black					1031
Silver Metallic			222    <-----the other one of my cars
Med Can Red Metallic		378
Bright Red				666
Dark Sage				13
Dark Shadow Blue		69
Oxford White			547
Dark Grey Metallic		388

Hope this helps


Chris Roth
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)