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Re: :-(

Hey Guys,

I am ready to do testing on a UN-Moderated secure list-server for the 
SVO list.  Do you think we can set one up without Dave Compton 
getting all bent out of shape?  I would like to set one up as I feel 
it was a valuable tool.  Plus the people with the knowledge left the 
Dave Compton list (i.e. Joe M. and others). I feel that we are all 
grown-up adults and if you do not like the message, don't read it!

I have the server and software to make it work!!  Lets talk it over.

Chris Roth

> Guys,
> 	This is ridiculous.  I knew things would slow down a
> little on the SVO list, but it's dead.  So you guys ready to
> start one?
> -- 
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
Chris & Heather Roth