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Re: running 11's in an SVO...


   Sounds good!  Let me know when your going and I'll meet ya there. I just
bought a 86 T-C that is a SERIOUS project! It only has 66K miles on it but it
has been sitting for two years and that hasn't been good to it. This is my
first car project in many years. I got out of drag racing back in 87 when I
bought a Suzuki GSXR750 and started roadracing(serious adrenaline). But know
my kahunas have shrunk and I feel I need some metal around me when I go fast.

     I'm also wondering if anyone has seen that Spitfire with a 2.3 turbo in
it run at Bandamere? I don't remember how fast it is but I do remember it is
very qwick.

Thanks for going easy on me  

Rich "Cars lean the wrong way" Stark