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Re: Your Saleen buddy

Chris Roth wrote:

> I have new Goodyear Eagle ZR's (245/45ZR17).  I left the pressure
> alone to first get a feel of the car.  I would like to come down to a
> test and tune.  Let me know if you are going in the next week or so.

Wow, I really would have thought that ANY new tire would have generated
a better 60' time than that, even spinning like mad.

> The first run was at 59 degrees and 100% rel. humidity and the second
> run was at 62 degrees and 82% rel. humidity.  I have run some of my
> fastest times at 90+ temperatures with LOW humidity in the 5.0.

I still haven't decided how much effect I think that humidity has for
us, but those temperatures are nice.  In my experience temperature is
far more critical for the SVO than any other car I've seen.  Last
week I was running 86 mph at 77 degrees, and 89 mph at 68 degrees.
We get the triple whammy of air density AND intercooler efficiency
and ignition timing all being heavily influenced by temperature.

> I think I was shifting at 5500 on the second run and that also slowed
> me down.

Entirely possible.  I get faster the more RPM I give it, due to the

> I was told that the above setup was worth 30hp. Mike Flemming did
> some testing on the two setups.  I also think tohe horsepower is not
> coming from the injectors, it is coming from the computer.  The '86
> computer has more aggressive fuel strategies and makes the car run
> better.  We will see.  Maybe I will try the sprocket first.

I repect Mike, but I'm not sure about everything he says, though.
If I he told you that, I'm even less sure now.  The 86 setup is
the best, and it is worth 25hp or so, but it's almost all in the
exhaust and cam, one of which you've already taken care of, and
the other is up soon.  I'm going to predict that you don't gain
more than 1 mph by changing injectors and computer and manifold,
but I'd love to be proved wrong.  You'll want to eventually anyway,
because with the new cam and head, you WILL need it.