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Re: Test & Tune

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> You must sit in front of a computer all day like me.  What do you do
> for StorageTek.  I am a Network Manager/Informations Systems for the
> local (Ft. Collins) Health district,  cushy gov job.

I have a BSEE from the University of Wyoming.  I ended up doing
software design and coding for a big computer hard disc array system.
Not what I originally had envisioned, but no complaints.  I'd have
replied sooner, but I went to lunch ;-).

Oh yeah, speaking of UW, when I was there from 91-95 we'd come
down to Ft. Collins sometimes for the weekend cruising.

> > That's going to be about the limit on our injectors.  A real
> > low 14 would be possible with SERIOUS traction.  I have
> > fantasies of high 13s of course ;-).
> I am going to change to the '86 Intake, Injectors and Computer setup
> which will give me more room for power, with the bigger injectors.

Feel free to go to the 86 manifold if you want (I've got one sitting
around, too), but their only advantage is supposedly the knock sensor
is in a better location.  The 85 is supposed to flow just as well
(despite claims to the contrary from the uninformed).  They redesigned
it's shape to go around the power brake booster in the Ranger pickup.
This is according to Rick Byrnes (the 200mph Merkur guy) who used to
work for Ford.

The computer and injectors are definitely a good thing.  They should
be good well into the 13's.  There comes a point when a good intercooler
starts to become the "most needed part", once your getting into that

> I will try the injector cleaner.  I have NEVER had a ping problem
> before playing with the timing, so I will make it stock again,
> besides I did not notice a power increase advancing the timing.

Hmmm, it might be one of those things like the 5.0 guys run into
where the tolerances at the factory are pretty loose, and one
guy's 10 degree mark can be significantly different from the next.