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Re: Your Saleen buddy

Chris Roth wrote:

> Sounds like the mentality of several Mustang owners that go up to
> Bandimere. I used to run into the same problem with my 5.0.  Usually
> young punks with too big of a chip on the sholder.  

The worst part is that this guy is probably in his 30's, and looks
like a big Italian used car salesman...

> My 5.0 IS driven.
>  It has 226,000 (56,000 on the GT-40 motor) and visually looks like
> crap.  The front nose is completely pitted.  I always wonder around
> the staging lanes and talk to these people.  Most of them tell me
> that their stock 5.0's with exhaust with run 14.7.  I usually just
> say OK and watch them run.  When they end up next to me at the
> staging, they are revving thet wimpy motors and do these huge
> burnouts on street tires.  When I run the Mickey Thompson's I do heat
> them up for about 20 seconds, lots of smoke, but that is the only
> way they stick.  It is full to pull 6-10 car lengths away in the
> first 100 feet.  After the run, they always find me and ask about my
> Nitrous that I run.  NOT, all motor and driver!!  I can't wait to get
> up there in August after the new head is on the SVO and destroy the
> same people with the 4-cyl.  Later
> Chris

I was assuming you were running a blower on the 5.0.  Are you NA?
I was also wondering, is your 5.0 an ex-cop car, or does it just
look like one? ;-)  So did you get to run Sunday with the SVO?