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Re: Roller Cams

Chris Roth wrote:

> Are you familar with Mike Flemming?  He is the Tech Director for
> SVOOA and has been doing a lot of testing and research on the 2.3L
> motor.  He has guy in Tucson that is good at 2.3 heads and will do
> the head.

Yeah, I know a little about Mike, and have talked to him some on
the computer.  I don't know anything about his guy's head work,
though.  All I know about is that Nick guy, and Esslinger...
Esslinger kind of sets the standard that everyone gets judged
by, since they've been doing serious 2.3 stuff the longest
(as far as I know).  A lot of people swear by Nick, though,
including Rick Byrnes.  I wouldn't have any reason at all to
doubt Mike's judgement, either...