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Re: (Fwd) Re: 86 intake/computer/injectors

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> > It's a pretty big pain in the butt just for experimentation.  If
> > you want good data, you might want to do them separately just to
> > see the individual effects.  I wouldn't pull off the turbo until
> > I had ported manifold ready to go in...
> Good point, maybe wait on the Turbo.

Also, I don't think you want the 86 turbo.  You'll get boost faster,
but you'll run out of efficiency sooner.  A really good turbo that'll
flow all the air you could ever need is only about $700.  I say only
because the dealer wants over $1000 for a new stock one.  If it was
me I wouldn't mess with the manifold OR the turbo until I was ready
to go all out.  I broke a stud once that holds the turbo to the
manifold.  It was just an all-around pain-in-the-butt to deal with.
You definitely want to take the manifold/turbo out and put it back
in as a unit, even it it's just to change the turbo.

Different subject:  So did I see somewhere on your homepage that
you were an Eagle Scout, and did the whole Arrow-of-Light thing?