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Re: June 28th

Chris Roth wrote:

> I think the 97 wheels will look okay on this silver car.  The car has been
> repainted and does look pretty good on the exterior.  The engine has a
> lifter problem... When the engine is cold the lifter clicks under
> acceleration.  At first it sounded like a rist-pin knock but I am pretty
> sure it is a lifter.  I think I will transfer the FMS A237 cam, lifters,
> and followers over to this motor, wanta help!?

Yeah, I wouldn't mind being around to see potential problems with cam
changes.  Nothing like learning on someone else's car ;-).

> My 85 (Red car) Premium fuel swith must not work.  Under stock setup, I get
> the same power and boost at either swithc setting.  I am thinking the
> switch is disconnected and the motor is on the standard setting.  How much
> boost did you get under the Stock setup and non-premium setting?

I had the exact same problem, and that's why I bypassed my boost
solenoid.  I leave my switch on premium in case there is a difference
in timing, but I can't tell a difference.  I'm sure whatever your
problem is, is the same as mine.  I always figured it was just the
solenoid not working...

Glad everything went OK.  Later...