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RE: Modems

Chris - I can wait until Wednesday or later in the week.  There's not 
that big of a hurry on either item.
Barbara Hain
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Division of Continuing and Distance Education
Colorado State University
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Fort Collins, Co.  80523-1040
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From:	Chris Roth [SMTP:caroth@holly.colostate.edu]
Sent:	Monday, July 21, 1997 5:45 AM
To:	Barbara Hain
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The external modem is $93.00, I will change the invoice to reflect
that and fax it to you tonight.

> 	Bonnie just came in and said you were waiting for me to call you on
> our Web page.  I was just waiting for you to have the time.  We need
> help as soon as we can get it.  When you come in tomorrow, let me 
> about what time so I can be sure to be here and we can talk then. 

Tomorrow might be pushing it since I will need to run to Denver in
the morning and need to be back by noon.  I will try to get there by
11:30 to drop off the modem and to talk about thw web page

Chris and Heather Roth