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Re: Quartermile in the 10's SVO LIST part 2

SVOASC@aol.com wrote:
> yes I very much like all cars with the 2.3 turbo motors,, and I really do
> like Joes pinto.  Its very fast, and I have alot of respect for it.. My
> biggest question is.. Why is it that you can't get a SVO to run low 11s or
> even 10s,  but you can get a pinto to do it.

I never said we couldn't...it's just that someone used the word "streetable".
Plus, I hadn't really thought about N2O, which Joe is also using.

>  If we stripped the power
> windows and door locks out of the SVO, along with all the interior, and put
> fiberglass race seats in ,  no back seats now..oh yea, don't forget that 6
> point roll cage; small tires on the front and big ones in the rear.  Ohhhhh.
> DOT approved cheater slicks.  No power steering, no A/C, took the bumpers
> out,, and then did a little tiny nitrous system, say  40 hp maybe!!!  Could
> we get it to run low 11s or high 10s....

Maybe...but now the whole reason to own an SVO (classy comfort IMO) is gone.
If you're willing to spend enough money, anything is possible.  Just
be aware of the tradeoffs...