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Re: Test and Tune

Chris Roth wrote:

> Now I remember,  well, I want to go tomorrow, but I will have to settle for
> next week, August 20th.

Cool, do me a favor and email me next week if it's for sure.

> Lets see how fast we can get your car.  I will be
> using them (ties and IC) on the 20th, but afterthat, you can run them on
> another test night.

How about the 27th?

> These tires are Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro's and
> have a considerable amount of wear.  I would not suggest driving any
> distance on them, they might wear out....but they are perfect for drag
> racing.

Whatever I use in Wyoming will go in the back of the car until I
get there.  The track sounds good, though.

> Sounds like they might be worth trying.  I have also seen the new Mickey
> Thompson Street ET tire.  It is still biased ply, but I think there is a
> 16" tire that will fit better than the DragRadial.

I just don't like how bias plys on the back and radials on the
front feels when driving on the street.  I don't really street
race any more, but there are a couple of people that I'll have
to race eventually, so I need something that'll be good on the
street.  I just want to find something good in a 225/50 so no
one will notice...