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alternator problem

ok... I had to get a new alternator after I had my fire...
After a days driving, the alternator light started flashing on me, so I
thought, ok, burned out voltage regulator. I got a new one of those, and
the problem was fixed... for about 20 minutes.
Did I hook the wires up wrong? Now the alternator light stays on under 3000
rpms, and above, it kinda flashes. Yesterday when it was raining, it didn't
come on at all... I checked all connections, and there are no loose wires.
What did I do wrong? bad alternator?
Carl Wahlin

www.geocities.com/motorcity/6325 <-- home of fast 2.3L Turbo fords.
84 SVO
88 Turbo Coupe

Obeying the speed limit just gets harder and harder... :)