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Re: running 11's in an SVO...

Joe Morgan wrote:

> I just wouldn't want to f**k up an
> SVO to (seriously) drag race it.  Despite what you may hear, if you're
> _really_ going 11's (at the track and not "on paper"), you have to
> seriously modify the car, if for no other reason than the safety
> requirements.  


> Steve Davis figured that out pretty quickly -- and bailed
> out on the drag racing thing...and he never actually got there.
> Why not use it for what it was built for, such as driving, turning and
> otherwise thoroughly enjoying it on vast expanses of asphalt.  If you
> really want to go racing, buy a "strippy" 'stang (or the slightly
> heavier alternative ... a Pinto) and have at it.
> Drive SVO's fast around corners, like God intended us to do.
> Joe Morgan

I agree with what you're saying, but here's why I drag race (not
"seriously") an SVO:

1. I like it, and it's what I've got ;-).

2. I get a BIG kick out of annoying people in V8s who think they're
   way faster than they are.

3. Up at my elevation, you don't have to run 11s to impress people.
   The average BLOWN 5.0 is only running low 13s up here.  Therefore,
   run a high 12 in a stock looking 4 cylinder, and you're the man.
   This means you can leave the suspension much closer to stock than
   an 11 second car.

4. SVOs aren't as special in the corners as most people think, IMO.
   I'd still have to hack mine up to seriously run open track or
   autocross.  Our cars need serious brakes and Griggs suspensions
   just like 5.0s, just not quite as badly...

5. I like it, and it's what I've got ;-).