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Re: Please send your last message

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> I wiped my hard drive last night by accident.  I will be able to recover it
> with new software I get tomorrow.  I you can please send your last message
> to me again.  Thanks.

Sorry, I don't keep them.  As I recall...well...I guess I don't recall.
You were talking about going to the track sometime soon, though, and
I was telling you that I was going to go for sure the Wednesday
before Labor Day, but wanted you to keep me posted if you went sooner.

You also mentioned you bought some sticky tires, and I asked if you
would have any interest in renting them and an intercooler to me
for a weekend.  I have some street racing debts to pay in Wyoming ;-).
It's no big deal, though, because I'll be getting them for myself
eventually.  I also got some interesting input from Terry Fair, a
guy on the Fordnatics list that has drag raced on BFG R1s.  He was
able to get 1.9xx 60' times out of them.  This is of interest to
me because I would like to use stock wheels, but I don't really
want 255s sticking out of my wheelwells, which is the only Drag
Radial size available.  He also suggested used Toyo RA-1 road
race tires from DeMoore Racing for under $50 each.  He felt like
they gave just as good of results for much less money...