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Re: The list.

Chris Roth wrote:

> I have been looking for exhaust for the 86.  I am not pleased with the
> Dynomax setup based on other cars I have setup.  I contacted ATR in SC and
> they sent me a product brochure.  Their dual 2.5" exhaust sysem comes with
> SS pipe and a choice of ss mufflers or Aluminized mufflers.  The Alum
> muffler is $495 ,but the beauty of this setup is that it comes all the way
> up to the back of the cat.  This means that awkword y is already fabricated
> and is a 3" inlet split to 2.5".  I should be able to bolt on a Downpipe
> from someone else and be ready to go for $600.  What do you think?

I like what I see on that system, if I had an 86 I'd probably do it.

> I need a new exhaust system, the current one has holes over the axle and
> pulls in exhaust into the car with one window open.  They also have a 3"
> downpipe but I would need to remove the wastegate housing off of my turbo
> and but their external wastegate.  This would sure make that little turbo
> spool faster, but the setup is another $400, ouch.

That's actually not as bad as it sounds (I think) because I believe it
includes a good cat-con, too.  I paid about $325 for my downpipe from
Esslinger, so $75 doesn't seem like that much more to get rid of the
stock elbow.  If I had it to do over again, I'd go with the ATR setup.
The problem is that no matter how big your pipe is, you're still going
through that 2.5" elbow...but maybe it doesn't matter as much as I

> I picked up the K&N filter for the 86, but have not had time to install it.
>  I also have contacted Nick @ Modern Performance about the intkae and
> exhaust manifold porting.  He responded back with a price of $187 including
> shipping for porting my new exhaust manifold and the extra intake manifold.
>  I will ship the manifolds off to him next week.

Sounds good.  I think Nick is a good guy.  I think that Joe may
have a point about just sticking with the Engle cam and stock
86 fuel system, though, at least at 300hp and below...