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Re: Front brake caliper piston seizure?

>To top it off some asshole (in a Cavalier Z24 no less-probably with a tank
>and 6 pounds of gold chains) yells out "buy a Chevy" on the Pike. I'll find 
>him later. 
This happened to me too... I had a bad connection in one wire going to the
coil, and my car stopped one day just driving around... Some dude drove by
in like an 84-85 camaro and yelled "you should have bought a chevy". I
fixed the connection in less than 2 min, and 3 min after that I blew by the
z28... :)  hehe... it made me feel better... :)
Carl Wahlin
www.geocities.com/motorcity/6325 <-- home of fast 2.3L Turbo fords.
84 SVO
88 Turbo Coupe

Obeying the speed limit just gets harder and harder... :)