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Re: Wastegate Question

Rod Lilak wrote:

> I'm a little more comfortable alterting the 'base' gate pressure than
> installing a bleeder valve. That seems like a good way to get dust into the
> system. I've also wondered about altering the total length of the hoses
from the
> boost solenoid. Ford is soooooo specific about the hoses being calibrated
to a
> certain size and length (14.78 inches ?) that there must be some effect
to be
> had in just enlarging the area to be pressurized.

I'd be happy to be proved wrong, but I haven't seen a bit of difference
by altering the hoses that Ford is so specific about.  I thought that
if I shortened them, or bypassed the solenoid that I might overboost
the motor, but it turns out that all the boost control is in the orifice
size of the "T" at the high pressure side of the turbo.  Nothing I did
made a bit of difference in boost until I drilled out the orifice a little.
Once I resolved that whole thing, I just bypassed the solenoid with the
shortest piece of hose that I could find in order to minimize the volume
that needed pressurized, just in case that had a slight effect on how
quickly the diaphragm could react...