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Parker7603@aol.com wrote:
> As much as I enjoy this newsletter, if I have to delete 26 separate Emails
> TWICE a day, then I'm gonna have to forgo this.  besides,  Much of it
> could/should be done
> Email person to person.....Anyone else agree?

Since I've probably been the heaviest poster so far, I thought I'd
comment.  I'm just excited that Dave got this list going.  I've
been on the Fordnatics list for years (it has a similar number
of posts each day), but they generally don't care about SVO related
issues.  Having all these SVO people in one place just gets me
going ;-).

I think there have been a few things that could have been done by
personal email, but for most questions there are more people than
just the original poster who would like to hear the answers and
keep up with the conversation.  I think the traffic is extra
heavy because there's a bunch of stuff to work out and information
to disseminate(?) that are one-time things.

We will need to start some kind of FAQ so that as new people come
on board we won't have to thrash through this same stuff endlessly.
I'm trying to do my part by working with Joe Morgan to create a
complete list of parts that he's using so that when people want
to know exactly how to get the most they possibly can from the
stock computer and injectors the information will be available.

So, I guess my answer is that I personally don't agree, but I 
think you'll be happier with the list traffic soon.