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Re: Radiator-cooler?

Stephen Curry wrote:

> After showing him the
> intercooler, my local radiator/exhaust expert (say 'expert' with
> a muffled laugh) says he's got a great idea. Why not just use a
> modified radiator as an intercooler! WHAT THE....? That's not
> possible right?!?! He tells me its complety possible. (gulp)

I've been told the same thing before...I wonder how big the
radiator would have to be to avoid pressure drop?  You'd also
want a bigger inlet and outlet than a standard radiator, and
you'd want it to fit in front of your "real" radiator...

Esslinger makes an "all-in-one" radiator/intercooler that's
probably exactly what we need, but it's over $1000.  At least
that would make solving the "fan for the intercooler" problem
really easy...