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Re: Cams

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> I have posted several related items to the Listserver but some of
> them did not get posted.  Dave must be having problems with the
> program.

If you still haven't seen them by the time you read this, write
to Dave at DCompton@jnpcs.com and let him know.  I had the same
problem last week, and it turned out my replies were getting sent
to a weird folder that wasn't going out.

> I have noticed your name quite a bit on the list.  I have been very
> busy with school and work the last two weeks.  I finished my classes
> last Thursday and am finished with my undergrad!!  


> I will be going to
> 40 hours/week at work so they will be giving me the big cash.  Time
> to play with the SVO's while saving for a house.  My business is
> starting to get busy again.  So, all of the profits from the business
> will get dumped into the SVOs.

It's gonna be cool...

> Nick quoted me a decent price on porting the Intake and Exhaust
> manifolds for the 86.  I am leaving the SVO basically stock with the
> following mods:
> Ported intake and exhaust manifold.
> Rebuilt short block.
> Engle 55 cam
> New exhaust with 3" downpipe & cat.
> Ported intake and exhaust manifold
> Turbo Coupe Intercooler
> K&N filter
> This should be good for around 160hp if not more and will make the 86
> a blast to drive.

Yeah, the only other things I'd think about would be porting the
head some, and going with a higher flow turbo when that one dies.
Should be about enough to max out the stock injectors... ;-).
It'll get you a 12.9 with sticky tires, I promise!

That does sound like the way to go, keep the 86 in a condition to
easily go back to stock, and use the 85 to go nuts...that's my
theory anyway...minus the 86 :-(.