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Re: 3" downpipe

>Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 13:56:12 -0600
>To: Dogsrus2@aol.com
>From: Chris Roth <svo@healthdistrict.org>
>Subject: Re: 3" downpipe
>In-Reply-To: <970729114701_2093462148@emout18.mail.aol.com>
>> Thanks for the tip on the SVO mailing list it was very helpful for the time
>>that it has been operational before it was shut down. 
>I was thinking of putting up my own SVO list server with no moderation.
In my opinion, I you don't want to read the spamming then don't and
eventually it will go away or the mad people will leave.  I like the open
forum and believe that people can believe (or disbelieve) what they choose.
 I have the server and other equipment to do this and might if Dave on the
other server is a loser about his.
>>I did not have to put
>>the car on a lift, I just jacked the front up as far as my stands would let
>>me and clearance was fine. There are only 4 bolts that hold it in the car.
>>The 3" pipe was a direct replacement and was not very hard to install. The
>>only bad thing about the pipe is that it has no hanger on it like the
>>piece. I have had it on for 2 years and it does not sag or anything.   I
>>saved my stock converter pipe.
>I noticed that the other pipe did not have the hangers, not a problem for
me.  Did you notice a performance increase in the off-road pipe? If so how
much in ET or did you have a chance to test it?
>>The y-pipe sucks, it is not mandrel bent and
>>is only 2 1/2" split into dual 2 1/4 pipes but a local muffler place said
>>they could duplicate it in 3" and dual 2 1/2" for me. The K&N was the best
>>mod I have ever done, it really woke the motor up! I plan on putting 2 1/2
>>pipes for a latemodel LX on the car and running it with no mufflers. I put
>>the 8.8" housing in with little difficulty. All the brake brackets and axles
>>swapped right over from one housing to another. In fact it was so easy
that I
>>was mad Ford didn't do it on their own in 86.
>I want to switch to a 8.8 housing on both of my cars but the rear and
gears is a big chunk of money X 2.  I have heard that this is a easy
switchover and will eventually do the change.
>>I have access to a T-bird
>>intercooler but was afraid to use it due to the vaccuum hose routing
>If you are not interested in the keeping the T-Bird Intercooler, and would
like to sell it, let me know how much.  If you can find another one out
there I would be willing to pay $75-$100 for it, if needed (I only paid $50
for my wifes T-bird IC).  Please let me know.  The T-bird is an OK
intermediate step-up but I will be going to another IC in a year for major
boost.  That is why people say not to pay a lot of money for the T-Bird setup.
>>I also had thought about an intercooler I saw in an older
>>Esslinger catalog. They called it an Interad and it replaces the radiator
>>with an aluminum radiator and intercooler all in one. 
>In my opinion I think that is the way to go but it is over $1000 from what
I have heard.  I think you can even keep the AC!!  This is probably the way
I will go for the stroker car (wife's car)  If you have ever noticed, FMS
puts Eslinger's name right in their catalogs (older ones) so they must
produce good stuff, unlike Steve at ETS.
>>I am located in central IL, but the
>>track I go to is near the IL-IA border. Also when at the track I unhook the
>>y-pipe from the offroad pipe, it makes a difference and it sounds neat too.
>>You can hear the turbo spooling almost instantly 1200-1500 rpm. As far as
>>cam goes I had thought about a Motorsport one, possibly even the roller cam
>>conversion kit. Do you know who has had any experience with this cam.
>I actually have this setup on my spare motor but was tod that the grind
was not very effective.  I wanted to go with the Engle 55 from what other
athorities have told me (Joe Morgan & Nick)  Mike Flemming tried the FMS
A231 kit and was not happy with it, but he is kind of cranky sometimes.  I
would like to get rid of that setup with the roller setup and timing gear.
There is not very much wear on the cam which tells me that it was just
installed beofre the car was totalled.  He is a deal,  if you are
interested, I will trade you the T-bird Intercooler for the A231 setup.
>> There
>>are very few shops in my area who have any interest in doing a motor for me.
>No kidding, I have not found anyone here in Colorado that has even worked
on the engine setup.  That is why I am going to ship my head to Nick and
have him do his magic.  He is honest and reasonably priced.
>>I have a complete engine assembly from an 85-86 turbo Cougar, but I was told
>>that the head was junk because it has a cracked exhaust valve seat. A second
>>machine shop said it was not a big problem because they were going to
>>it for the bigger valves. But I do not know who to believe. If you have any
>>more info or questions please let me know because there aren't that many
>>people that I get to talk to about these cars (SVO's) or motors (torbo
>>2.20's) . Talk to you later.
>Try e-mailing nick and ask him the opinion on your questions/problems.