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Re: 3" downpipe


My name is also Chris and I sent you the original message about the SVO
list.  I did not realize you had an 86 with these mods, and so I have some

>Dynomax 2 1/4 mandrel bent tailpipes with Super Turbo mufflers
>3" off road pipe from Classic Corral Mustang
>7" K&N conical filter
>Weld Pro Stars: 15x8's out back with 245-60-15 Hoosier Q-T's
>                         15x3's in front with 165r15 gereric metric radials
>front swaybar end links removed
>and stock Koni struts on full soft
>stock 3.73 gear and weak traction-lok in stock 7.5 ( sometimes only 1 wheel
>Hurst Competition Plus shifter

You picked up the 3" downpipe from Classic Corral, did it bolt to the stock
exhaust with ease or did you do the ENTIRE system a one time.  Did you try
to save the stock downpipe and how hard was it to remove from the car.  I
am thinking I will have to put the car on the rack to pull this part.

I am going to change the exhaust on my 86 but I only am doing one mod at a
time.  This is for testing purposes to see what the performance gain for
each item is.  I plan on running the ATR exahust system on the back half
but it is pricy at $495.  

Does your Dynomax system have a 3" Y that splits off to 2 2.25" pipes or is
the main part of the Y 2.5"?

>I don't know how to explain this last modification any.......

Most of us have modified the boost to not look at the Solenoid.  I would
not recommend running anything over 18 psi on your stock head/head gasket.
Nick at Moden Performance can o-ring the head to accept more boost, but you
will run out of the range of your turbo,  which you already have read.

> I have an 8.8 housing with a freshly rebuilt traction lock and a 4.30 gear
>ready to go. What other modifications can you recomend to get my SVO into the
>low 13's or high 12's with this suspension? I was thinking of trying a turbo
>header from ATR or a NOS kit but am leary because my motor has about 97,000
>miles on it and the turbo (stock replacement) has about 40,000 miles on it. I
>am also experimenting with unhooking the exhaust at the 
>y-pipe and running just the turbo and off road pipe.

Don't waste your money on the header from ATR.  The only advantage this
will give you is a reduction of weight.  A ported stock exhaust manifold
will flow the same as the ATR setup with less problems.  The ATR header
WILL melt your spark plug wires plus it will be closer to the intercooler
and will let more heat exscape from the header.  Basically you will have to
wrap (insulate) the header for it to really work.

Again Nick at Modern Performance <Mp23cc@aol.com> can port the exhaust
manifold for $134.00 or you can buy a new one from Ford $115.00 and Nick
will port it for $94.00.  I think Nick will sell you a new one ported for
around $200.00.  That is much cheaper that $600 for the ATR setup.

You can upgrade the turbo to flow better and have the intake manifold
ported which will also help.  I plan to ship my new exhaust manifold and 86
intake manifold to Nick and he will port/ploish both itmes for $187
including shipping.  He also can build a monster head to put you over 300
hp with the right fuel system.

>I have enough money
>right now to replace all the rings and bearings and maybe install a cam, but
>do not know which one to use, Motorsport or another brand? I am also ready to
>buy a set of Steeda rear lower control arms and a set of boxed uppers along
>witha set of Kenny Brown super-subs subframe connectors. This is a dual
>purpose machine, drag racing because none of my friends are into handling or
>autocrossing like I am, and handling because those high speed back roud
>blasts are so much fun as well as taking on and off ramps at 65mph. Any help
>on making my SVO faster would be greatly appreciated.

I agree with Dave Compton about the Engle 55 cam, it seems to be the best
for the stock head  setup.  I had the Kenny Brown sub-frame connectors for
my 5.0 was not impressed.  In my opinion, if you are going to modify the
car with Sub-Frame connectors, buy ones that really work.  There is a
Salvage yard/Performance shop in Phoenix, AZ that makes sub-frame
connectors.  These will be the strongest connectors on the market and they
are cheap $115.00 plus shipping.  Call and talk to Bill at All Mustang
1-800-454-8387 and tell them I sent you if you are interested.

Yet another modification that is cheap (if you can find one) is the 87-88
Turbo Coupe Intercooler.  I put one of these on the wife's 85 SVO and
picked up 2.5mph in the quarter.  The best time with this car is a
15.3@89.7 and this was VERY traction limited.  14s for sure with this car
assuming I can get traction.

Where are you located?  Out here in Colorado, my 86 bone stock ran a
15.5@87 and I had trouble with traction.  I am planning to run this week
with the K&N filter to see what improvements.  I will also be hauling the
sticky tires from my 5.0 to the track to put the power to the pavement.  

Thanks for listening to me rample......

Chris Roth
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)