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Re: Test & Tune


>Oh yeah, speaking of UW, when I was there from 91-95 we'd come
>down to Ft. Collins sometimes for the weekend cruising.

Sounds like you are the same age as my, 25 or so.  The only thing I know
about UW is that except for last year, we used to kick the Cowboys butt in

>Feel free to go to the 86 manifold if......

It is easier to use the new wiring harness with the '86 manifold so might
as well use what I bought.

>The computer and injectors are definitely a good thing.  They should
>be good well into the 13's.  There comes a point when a good intercooler
>starts to become the "most needed part", once your getting into that

I am looking for a Turbo Coupe Intercooler for the upgrade also.  They are
slightly better than stock, plus a lot cheaper used!!