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Re: SVO side question


I would like to show up tonight and watch.  I might even bring the car to
test.  You will not be able to miss the car, it is bright red and has 17"
chrome wheels.  I will look for you there.

Are you going to the Mustang Roundup in Steambot next weekend.  I thought
we would make a Saturday of it and go.  We live in Fort Collins and will go
down thru Walden and then back down the Rocky Mountian National Park.


>Sounds fun.  The problem is that I do the church thing with the wife
>on Sundays.  I'm pretty much restricted to Saturdays and Test&Tune.
>Speaking of which, I'll probably be there tonight, and there's a
>Saturday street car event on June 28th that I'm thinking about.
>So far I haven't run competitively at all because I'm so inconsistent.
>Tires will help, but I don't know how much.  So, for now all I'm
>doing is test and tune nights for numbers...
>So is the A237 the Motorsport roller cam?  I just bought the Engle 55,
>but that probably won't go in until winter.  So have you run your car
>for time yet?  I never ran my car for time before I changed some
>things, so I'm really curious what you run since I don't know whether
>the things I did actually did that much good or not.  I'm running
>about 18psi boost, 3" exhaust that ends at the muffler, retarded
>stock cam, underdrive pulley, big cylindrical K&N, & synthetic fluids.
>I know some of it has helped, but I have no idea how much each thing
>did or didn't do.
>Let me know any non-Sunday time you might be there, and I'll try to
>make a point to go.  Later...