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Re: June 28th

>Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 14:00:19 -0600
>To: Carl Morris <morrisc@icemail.ib.stortek.com>
>From: Chris Roth <caroth@holly.colostate.edu>
>Subject: Re: June 28th
>In-Reply-To: <33B7C090.9F@icemail.ib.stortek.com>
>>Well, I didn't go to Bandimere Saturday.  I was thinking
>>I might, but then my friend from Wyoming bailed again <grrr>.
>>It was really hot anyway, my times wouldn't have been too good.
>I heard it was really warm here in Colorado.  In Phoenix I was in the
salvage yard pulling parts at 119 F.  I can't believe how hot it gets there.
>>So how was the trip?
>The trip to Phoenix was fun but fast.  The car is in need of some TLC, but
most of it is tuning and labor, not money for parts.  I bought a set of 97
Mustang GT 16" (5 spoke)  wheels for my SVO.  Plus I brought back some 94up
15" wheels for my sticky tires and another set of Black Alum. wheels that
were on a Mustang and 2 additional SVO wheels  totalling 12 extra wheels in
>I think I will consider selling the black wheels if anyone is interested.
I have $150 in them.  The wheels are two piece and look like the Saleen
wheels for the late 80s (webbed).  
>I think the 97 wheels will look okay on this silver car.  The car has been
repainted and does look pretty good on the exterior.  The engine has a
lifter problem... When the engine is cold the lifter clicks under
acceleration.  At first it sounded like a rist-pin knock but I am pretty
sure it is a lifter.  I think I will transfer the FMS A237 cam, lifters,
and followers over to this motor, wanta help!?
>My 85 (Red car) Premium fuel swith must not work.  Under stock setup, I
get the same power and boost at either swithc setting.  I am thinking the
switch is disconnected and the motor is on the standard setting.  How much
boost did you get under the Stock setup and non-premium setting?
>The reason I noticed is that the 86 SVO switch does work and I can tell a
difference with the setting.  When the 86 boost goes up to 12psi the car
falls on it's face and I do get some pinging.  My guess is that the plugs
and wires need to be replaced to quality stuff.  The 86 motor also has an
aftermarket Fuel pressure regulator.  I will get rid of this until I have a
gauge in the car to see what it is doing.  The motor is clean it just needs
>The interior is good (except for the dash pad and fog lamp switch) but it
does need to be cleaned up!!  So much to do by August 24th.  I will
hopefully have more time in two weeks after I finish this last class.
>Well, enough for now.