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Re: intercooler

>  The intercooler is not mine to trade or sell. It belongs to friend of mine
>who had a 88 T-Bird TC and wrecked it. I will ask him about the swap though.

If he or you are interested in trading, let me know.

>Where did you get the stroker kit for your wife's car? I thought Steve used
>to work for Esslinger and the wanted out of the 2.3 turbo bussiness and he
>took over , same products with a new name?

I do not have the kit yet...but I will get it from Esslinger.  Esslinger
Turbo Scene, a division of Esslinger Engineering, split and Steve took the
company to a new location and name Essential Turbo Scene.  Steve is a
moron.  Esslinger, however, is one of the great 2.3L shops.  How I
understood it,  Steve started with Esslinger to help deal with the public
and sell products through Esslinger.  Steve started making claims and
promises that Esslinger did not agree with so they booted him to his own

>From what I understand, Esslinger has a great stroker kit, but I am sure it
is pricey,  this mod will happen over the winter.  Esslinger Engineering is
still in the 2.3L business and in the 2.3L Turbo business, but they do not
market themselves in all of the magazines.

>What have you heard about having
>the intake and exhaust manifolds Extrude Honed and then having them Jet-Hot
>coated inside and out? Also do you know of anyone with a near stock
>application running the nitrous kit from NOS? I am kind of intereted in it
>due to the price. 

I would like to do the Extrude Hone manifolds but $800 for 22hp is not cost
effective.  Nick can get the same flow results for $187, that IS cost
I never thought about the jet hot coating for the exhaust manifold, but I
will look into it.  I am not sure you can jet-hot aluminum and I do not
think you would want to do that to the intake, only exhaust side.  You want
to dissipate as much heat on the intake side,  Jet-hot (reflects) the heat
back in.  I do have a great source for getting jet-hot stuff done in
Phoenix.  I have heard of that being done, but I don't have any names for
you.  I you wanted to try this, I would go with the 50-80hp kit they make
for the 5.0 Mustangs.  Make sure you are using 100+ octane fuel (unleaded
race fuel) and I would set the timing to 10 degrees stock just to be safe.
I think you can get that extra 50hp by porting the manifolds and installing
a Turbo Coupe Intercooler instead plus you would not have a bottle to fill.

>I forgot to mention that I also run a MSD 6AL and a Blaster
>3 coil on my car. I also have a 2-step controller on it. The 2-step is kind
>of neat, when you put a load on the motor, the boost rises allowing me to
>launch on the boost instead of just on the motor. I am wondering if when the
>2-step is working if the affect of hitting the rev limiter is setting off my
>knock sensor? Where is the knock sensor anyway?

I need to upgrade the ignition and I want to get a rev controller like
yours.  I threw out the idea on the list and Joe Mogran suggested to use a
timing retard module instead of a rev limiter. He said it would be nicer to
the motor.  I will try to find that e-mail and sent it to you.

The knock sensor is located of the front part of the lower intake manifold.
 I will try to find the picture of it in my Ford manual and scan it in and
onto my web page.  I would not recommend disconnecting this device to *try*
to get more power.  Put good fuel in it instead and remember that the knock
sensor is ignored at wide open throttle (WOT).  I don't think the rev
limited would set off the knock sensor, but I am not sure on that.

>I was told to run good gas
>(93) and a bottle of Super 104 octane booster in my car at the track, then
>disconnect the knock sensor. Have you heard anything like this before?

Again I would not recommend disconnecting the knock sensor because it is
ignored at WOT.  Do you still have the Intercooler brackets installed on
the motor?  If so, take them off and get the Turbo Coupe IC hoses to
support them correctly.  Let me know if you need ford part numbers or I can
order them for you, I get ford parts at wholesale.  I think one is $!3 and
the other is $11.  At the track I show up with as little fuel in the tank
as possible and put 3-4 gallons of Sunoco 104 unleaded fuel in.  It is
expensive at $4.50 a gallon but at least I can assure the motor will not
come apart due to fuel problems.

>Talk to you later,
>                        Chris Sitzmore 1986 red SVO