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Re: The 86 project

At 10:54 AM 7/10/97 -0400, Tim wrote:

>   Did you buy that SVO at an auction?
>How much $$ ?

I traded mt 89 5.0 with 227,000 miles on it.  The 5.0 did have a GT-40
motor in it and ran 129@105 in Phoenix.  I did pick up the SVO with 12
extra wheels including at new set of 97 GT 16" wheels and other stuff.  I
got the car from Tom at All Mustang in Phoenix (allmustang.com).  He is a
good friend of mine and  I support his computers and web page.  He picked
up the car from the auction for $2900.00.  We both came out the same when
considering the condition of my 5.0 paint and body.

>Do you know anything about that VW
>next to your svo?

As far as I know the VW is for sale.  Call Tom at (800) 454-8387 and let
him know you talked to me.  He is more likely to give better deals when you
mention my name.

Good luck

Chris Roth from work......shhhhh don't tell the boss!