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System Mailbox of jroselle

>Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 03:20:51 -0600 (MDT)
>To: jroselle@holly.ColoState.EDU
>From: stew@holly.ColoState.EDU
>Subject: System Mailbox of jroselle
>The system mailbox for jroselle was over 644 KiloBytes in
>size. This size was impacting services and other users
>on HOLLY. The system mailbox was moved to a file named
>'SysMail.1' in your login directory. You can access the
>contents of the file 'SysMail.1' with:
>    mail -f SysMail.1
>     or
>    elm -f SysMail.1
>     or
>    pine -f /m/g/jroselle/SysMail.1
>Stew McPherson						     (970)491-7214
>System Administrator					 FAX (970)491-1958
>Colorado State University		      stew@yuma.ACNS.ColoState.EDU
>Academic Computing and Network Services
>Fort Collins, CO 80523