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Re: Suggestions wanted...


>I want to turn the radiator fan on with the fog-light switch.  What does 
>anyone think is a good way to do this?  I don't mine losing the lights. 

Why would you want to use the fog lamp switch to perform this operation?  I
used a simple toggle switch and mounted it in a hole that was already
existing under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel.  If you
look under there on the bottom lip of the dash plastic there is a 1/4" hole
with two or three smaller holes already there.  I am assuming this is for
the lighting on a convertible.   

>For one thing, where is the relay that controls the fan physically located 
>in an '86?  I'm assuming I could just run a wire from the hot lead of one 
>of the lights, or the control wire from the fog relay and feed it into the 
>fan relay.  It looked on the surface that the fog-light harness wire gauges 
>were too small to drive the fan directly. 

I am sure you could look for this relay, but there is an easier way.  Plus
the switch for the fog lamps might only work if you have the headlights on,
but I am not sure of this.  The easier way is to find the electric fan
controller under the dash on the very left side.  You can jumper (or use a
clipon splice as I did) two wires to a single switch.  By making the
contact (closed position) I was able to turn the fan off and on at will.  I
cannot remember which two wires I connected, but I will check when I get
home this evening and send you the info.  BTW I used those clip-on splices
but be sure to get the yellow ones used for 10-12 ga wire.

Talk to you later.

>Date: 15 Jul 97 07:03:43
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>Hello Folks, Happy to be on your list. Nice Tech Stuff. Time for my 2
>cents worth. Has anyone thought of fastening a low profile electric fan
>on the backside of the intercooler. My feeling is it could only help
>with the heat soak coming off the exhaust manifold into the intercooler.
>My ride is an 87 black Turbo Coupe 5 speed. Just love to eat Z-28's and
>Firechickens with my 4 banger! If anyone has done this mod, please post
>a reply, thanks....John

Chris Roth
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)