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Re: Wheels

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> I know you are a stock wheel man but I picked up a set of 94-97 16" 5 spoke
> wheels from Tom at All Mustang.  I mounted them on the new SVO and WOW!
> They make the car look really good!

I've thought about those wheels.  I'm curious about whether they stick
out as bad as the 17's.  I don't like the offset on the 17's.  I want
to see them...

> I am looking for an event to go run the cars at Bandimere.  The only two
> days I see are the Test Night on the 9th and Club Clash on the 25th.  That
> is it for July and neither excites me.  Looks like August 24 for the
> All-Ford Day.

So are they not having test nights on the other Wednesdays in July?
Is this because of the big events?

> There are a couple of little problems with the 86 I want to throw your way.
> 1.  If I use the premium boost setting and let the boost build to 12psi.
> The car starts to miss...badly.  On the interstate I ran the car up to
> 14psi and I heard this squeeling sound almost like a belt.  I think there
> is either a crack in the intercooler which would cause the vane meter to
> give the wrong reading to the engine (like leaving the hose loose from the
> intercooler).  The other thing could be that one of the hoses on the
> intercooler is trashed.  Finally I guess the intake gaskets could be bad
> under pressure.  I have not had time to check any of these problems. I am
> going to pick up a set of NGK V-powers tonight.

I think you're right, and that you have a leak between the turbo and
the head somewhere.

> 2.  There is a knock in the motor when I start it and it goes away somewhat
> when the motor heats up.  It is really noticeable under acceleration.  The
> knock is a lower sounding (dB) than I am used to.  What is more probable, a
> rod/rist pin knock or lifter problem not pumping up?  The cars oil pressure
> is OK.

I'm not sure.  Mine makes a funny knocking sound at idle, but I think
it's because my motor mounts are falling apart.  Since yours is noticeable
under acceleration, it's probably one of the things you mention.  So do
we even have lifter-type-things?  I thought the middle of the follower was
on the cam, one end was on the valve, and the other end was fixed.  Is
the "fixed" end where a lifter type device would be?

> 3.  When I first start up the can and take off and I get into boost the
> turbo or intercooler or something starts to howl.  Could this be the Turbo
> needing a rebuilt or do you think it is related to the above intercooler
> problem?

The only non-normal sound I've heard of a turbo making is a siren kind
of sound when the turbine blades contact the housing when the bearings
are worn out.  I think what you're describing is related to a leak.

> What do you think?  I know it is hard to diagnose over the wire but any
> ideas would help.  I am going to switch intercoolers this weekend to find
> the problems.

I bet you'll find it.  If not I'd try new gaskets in the throttle body
and intake manifold.

> I have been driving my SVO (the 86) all week and getting used to the yucky
> power.  I jumped in the wife's SVO (the 85) and drove it last night.  Wow
> what a difference in the wifes car.  It hauls ass, I NEED better exhaust
> and a big tune up on the 86.

Yeah, I imagine so.  So are you going to leave the stock tail pipes
on the 86?  I would.  I'd just put on a 3" down-pipe and cat.  Good
luck finding all the problems.  Later...