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Re: Copyright


>I just thought of something I had been meaning to talk to you on my business
>logo.  Somewhere on my Web page, labels, and business cards, I need the
>copyright symbol to make people believe that my work is copyrighted so they
>can't copy it and claim it as their own work.  Where do you suggest?  On the
>logo or where?  Maybe someday I will actually copyright it but it should
>discourage it now.  Even our friends in Cortez mentioned it since she is
>also a professional photographer.  What are your thoughts?

I will add a copyright to each photo on your web page.  This will
discourage any copying of the pictures from you page.

I want to start your page but I did a really stupid thing last night.  I
was meaning to format a floppy disk (A: drive) but typed 'format C:'  which
wiped out my hard drive.  Fortunately, the data is still on the hard drive,
but I had to order some software to recover it.  I will have it tomorrow
and will hopefully be able get my data back soon.

>No word from Durango.  Had a long talk with my mom about it and she said she
>has seen us so unhappy for so many years over this.  Too bad if the truth
>hurts but I doubt if they will see it that way.

The first time Gentry mentions anything about that, I am going to lay the
line down.  I am going to tell him that I am unwilling to discuss the
situation and if he wants to continue to hang out with Heather and I, he
had better not mention it.

>Get more rain?  We've got a muddy mess and they can't even start the
>construction yet.  At least the ground will be soft for them but we got
>dumped on again yesterday afternoon and we have lots of water in the lakes.

I honestly do not remember anything about last night.  I was so busy
working on the Conner's computer and getting my data back that I forgot
about the outside world (and Heather, oops).  I hope you can get the
construction started soon.

>Better go to work.  Thanks again for coming down Sunday.  We always enjoy
>you guys coming down.
  Are we planning to move the trains this Weekend?  If so I would like to
try to plan for Sunday.   I will most likely be running to Buena Vista to
deliver the Conner's computer and another customer's laptop.