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SVO handling

> > I suppose if you were to go full SCCA racing, you would need to do a
lot of
> > work to a stock SVO to be competitive.  For autocrossing, the car runs
> I'm thinking some good camber/caster plates
> will be critical...any suggestions?  With the stock alignment, my
> SVO understeers like a pig!

I just road raced mine.  Nobody was embarassing me, for the short time I
was on the track.  And I was on full tread depth street tires, not R1s. 
The instructor even liked my car, and he has a SERIOUS Mustang race car.

Get a GOOD alignment.  And remember ALL Foxes understeer on throttle lift,
bring it around with the throttle.  XRs oversteer on throttle lift.  I
gotta be careful when I switch cars :)  If you're poor, or cheap, like me,
skip the plates and slot the Kmember and slide it forward, for additional
caster.  That's what you need in the front.  I haven't even done this to
the SVO, and I'm very happy with it's handling.  The rear is what NEEDS
attention.  I did the Kmember work and poly bushings to my 87 GT and used
to regularly embarass a Mazda RX 7 Turbo II, supposedly a fantastic
handling car.

The Slot Car Mustang prep book for Mustangs has lots of good tips for
making Foxes handle.  SKOD has a good mail post (book) called "Building the
Perfect Pony".  It details mods that work.  I'll dig up his Email address. 
He wants to be the only source of distribution.  I found him on the
Fordnatics list.

Being competitive in racing is WORLDS away from having a terrific handling
car.  Mike and I discussed this while northbound.  I just want an overly
capable street car.  :)  We passed everybody both north and southbound.  On
crappy pavement, not smooth racetrack, that would've WASTED most of the
racing snobs' cars.  Try 85 MPH around NY city with those gutter drain
things, that drop down about 6 inches, every 100 feet.  It's also why I
don't lower my cars.  I drive on the street, and my car will go over speed
bumps at 50 MPH :)  That's good enough for me.  

I have an article where an autocrosser got OVER 1g with factory SVO parts
in an SVO.  It CAN be done.