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T5 Leather shift knob source

Per Mike Ray's request;

T-5 Leather shift knobs, to fit any T-5 shifter, EXCEPT the stock SVO
Hurst, are available from Diversified something or other... at
313-459-0130, for $29.  The Hurst has different threads.

Diversified sells a lot of takes offs, and I'd bet that these take off
parts as well.  That means very low mileage, but not new.

Several of us have changed to the later 87-89 short throw shifter that came
stock in GTs.  It was a major improvement over the stock, worn out 84
Hurst, in my car.  I also have solid bushings in it.  And have had for
years.  BTW, replace your shifter bolts.  Mine snapped at 40Kmiles in the
GT, on an easy shift.