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Re: Subscribe to SVO mailing list

> I have been talking with Ted Schwartz about SVO's and he mentioned 
> that there is a mailing list started.  I would like to subscribe to 
> the list.

Dun.  It's a digest, once a day.  Starting today for you.

> We are converting the motor to a 86 setup.  I 
> have great sources for parts and have lots of extra parts for this 
> car.  

I want wheels...

I just did a group cam deal for the Engle TCS 55h and I really like it. 
Put one in my auto 88 Merkur XR this weekend.  It was $149 delivered, with
new followers.

> I have located several cars in the Colorado area that are for 
> sale at a good price.

Like how much?  They're getting collectable....

> I am also in the process of getting a virtual domain and 
> have the ability to run mailing lists and tons of other web 
> applications. I also want to publish a COMPLETE and QUALITY web page 
> on SVO's  I would be willing to get the domain to be something like 
> www.svoer.com or something of the sort.  I have started to roundup as 
> many SVO links on the web.  I will publish a web page (network) free 
> of charge for the SVO stuff.  Is there is enough interest in this 
> please let me know.  I will even have a virtual postoffice that will 
> allow people to e-mail to the virtual domain and it can forward it to 
> the person I choose.  For example, if I chose svoer.com as the web 
> address, I could have people e-mailyou ate DCompton@svoer.com and it 
> would forward the message to your current account.  I would like to 
> have as many other peoples car's (with pictures) as possible.
> If there is internest in this than let me know.  I have wanted to do 
> this for quite sometime.  Maybe we can make it happen.

Well, I didn't get back to you right away, cuz you got alot goin on here. 
I'm putting up a server this week for our business, and it will have the
SVO list on it, running under XtraMail.

As for a Domain name, I got one for our company, but not SVOs.  I would
suggest trying to get SVO.ORG.  The guys who run the SVOOA haven't even
taken it yet.  Makes me think they're not that interested.  Kinda sad.

Virtuality would be nice.  Are you putting up a server or what?

I don't have any graphics.  I can send you my SVO bookmarks.

What else can we do?

Northern VA, USA
CARLISLE: because we should be more to each other than just names...