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Re: Front brake caliper piston seizure?

Tools reauired T-45 (I think) Torx, a ratchet, and a caliper piston pusher
from the auto parts store, about $10.

Can get a rebuilt at any auto parts store.  Really easy, even a Chilton's
book for a run of the mill Mustang can guide you thru this.  You will need
to bleed the brakes, but the book details that too.  You will need a pedal
pusher helper for this part.

Ford gurus recommend Ford Heavy Duty brake fluid.  They swear it has a
higher boiling point than other DOT 3 fluids.  Theye it for racing unless
they move up to Motul fluid (tres expensive).

Stainless Steel Brake Corporation in NY, will sleeve your calipers in
stainless steel and cadmium plate the outside for about a $100 a side. They
will last forever then.  I'll be sending my extra 4 calipers off soon.


> From: Ron Myrick <rmyrick@msn.com>
> To: svo@smartworx.com
> Subject: Front brake caliper piston seizure?
> Date: Monday, July 14, 1997 7:44 PM
> Pulled my SVO out of storage today. Driving down the Mass Pike and
noticed a 
> burning odor. Pulled over with fire extinguisher in hand...smoke emitting
> left front wheel...AAA>>>home. The quickest path between two points is a 
> straight line so...anyone have any ideas? I haven't even removed the
> yet. I've never done brake work so if someone wouldn't mind treating me
like a 
> kin-dee-gart-ner, I would appreciate it. 
> To top it off some asshole (in a Cavalier Z24 no less-probably with a
tank top 
> and 6 pounds of gold chains) yells out "buy a Chevy" on the Pike. I'll
> him later. 
> Thanks in advance.
> Ron "rmyrick@msn.com"
> 2 86 SVOs - 1 stock, 1 broken toy