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> The question many of us have (I do anyway) is the fitting
> of non-SVO-specific shocks.  Every vendor I've talked to
> says that you CAN'T put anything on an SVO other than the
> factory shocks due to the longer control arms.  Are they
> just being overly cautious, or do they have a good point?

I have some replacement struts on mine on the front.  Dunno what brand, the
previous owner put em on.  They look like Konis, but the knob doesn't fit. 
I'll really peer at em next ime for a brand name.  I don't see any reason
why you couldn't use normal stuff.  It does have to be for an onion head
top mount, though, not the later GT style top mount.  

Normal Mustang stuff fits in back, but obviously Konis are much stiffer and
better, than, say, stock Mustang GT parts or replacements.  The Koni quads
are WAY stiffer than on a GT or a TC.