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SVP Digest 06-30-97

Oh, and BTW, nobody but Joe Morgan has seen my car!  Go figure....

Northern VA, USA
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hi dave are you or anyone on this list going out to the weat coast nationals
in lacey washinton .on july 11 12 13. i live about 1/2 hour drive from
there.thanks larry 
Sandi Hanson
Yelm Telephone Co
360 458 4541
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Subject: Re: SVO Digest 06-29-97

Hi guys, The Long Island thing, is it July 12th? Any fees involved to come up
and watch? Mark,  Black  85'.Return-Path: <morgaj01@student.ucr.edu>
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Fellow SVO'ers..

...some parts notes (from a parts guy...me)

>>here are a few Ford part #s for various parts that svo's may need
Leather SVO gear shift knob  E4ZZ7213A  list $ 74.63  paid $ 51.49

The shift knob went "bye-bye" early last summer.  You can still get the
bushings and sleeves for the shifter levers, though.

Wasn't there talk of getting some re-covered by the guys that did the
wheels?  I had a couple done locally for $20, but there's no embossing.

>>Leather center pad for steering wheel  E5ZZ3649A   list $ 67.83  paid $

I'll double check on this one in the A.M. and get back with y'all, but
if I remember correctly, it's toast, too.

>>Shoe and Lining kit for rear disk brakes.  Includes rear pads, anti rattle
clips, and rubber insulators for the rear calipers   FOLY2200A  list $
 paid $ 54.69 

You can also use FOLY-2200-AX (from GPD -- ford reman) -- they're a
little cheaper, but the hardware is a hit-or-miss thing on these. 
Sometimes you get it and somtimes you don't.  If you don't need it, yu
can save a little $.

>>Headlight housings  85.5 & 86 svos  E5ZZ13007A,  E5ZZ13007B  list $ 43.33ea.
paid $ 38.56  I saw that Classic Coral was selling these for $199.00 
must be crazy if  I'm going to pay $200 for a pair of head light
and they are still availible from Ford...

The housings (and the 13008 assemblies, too) are history from Ford
within the last couple of years.  I think the housings have been gone
for about a year.

Classic Corral did what you all should do -- they bought the parts
before they went obsolete.  Right now, you can buy a complete set of
front marker/turn lamps for say...$200.  If they go "NR" and Classic
Corral has 20 sets in stock that they've been sitting on -- what are
they worth?  Scarcity increases price, right?

>>If any of you SVOers have problems while at Ford dealerships, insist they
find the parts you need on their locator.

I ran most, if not all the stuff on three different locator systems last
summer -- zero.  Each dealer has the choice of locating systems to
subscribe to -- and they don't often overlap.  They're primarily
intended to chase down parts in the "local" area for back counter stuff,
not to scour the country for obsolete parts.  Not that it never works,
but it's far from being thorough.

>>A dealer somewhere in the U.S. still has the parts you need sitting
in their bins collecting dust..

1) Not if the parts manager's got half a brain -- they'd be "PIPP"ed
before he lost return credit.

2) NOBODY -- I repeat NOBODY -- stocks SVO parts.  From an inventory
standpoint, you'd have to be nuts.  This might sound obvious, but you
stock what you sell -- and SVO stuff doesn't sell. (...except to the
rare nutcases like us)

Maybe somwhere there are a couple of headlamp assemblies sitting in a
special order bin collecting dust -- but you'd be better off not
"insisting" on anything -- you'd be better off developing a friendly
working relationship with a decent parts guy before you ask him (nicely)
to go out and pan for gold.  

Joe Morgan 
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From: svotim@webtv.net (Timothy Smith)
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 20:31:55 -0400
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Subject: Re: SVO blah blah blah.
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   Thanks for the b-day wishes!
And YES I did speed on my b-day...
Hard to count those little orange
marks when your MOOOOVIN.

About the surge thing> I was told 
that sometimes the  I.C. bracket
assembly has a tendency to vibrate
& will set off the knock sensor,
which inturn causes the surge problem.
So I bought the (cheap) T/C  I.C.
hoses and tossed the I.C. bracketry.

Just think how nice your SVO will
look/drive with a NEW set of B.F.G
ZR4`s !!!   D  -  A  -  V  - E
Can you tell I was a used car salesman?

BTW What about this D.C.thing (Need input)
"Philly" Tim  

I sell long distance phone service wholesale.